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American Idle

March 1, 2010

Congress doing well
two of ten – not bad for
doing, well…


Moral TARPitude

February 5, 2010

There once was a bank out of Charlotte
That considered investors their harlots
          While posting quarterly losses
         “Blame TARP!” said the bosses
While paying billions to their own banker starlets


Counterparty in the U-S-A

February 4, 2010

We were not at the
AIG counterparty
why must we clean up?


February 2, 2010

Teaser rates were deployed
Credit checks were devoid
       The lenders went nuts
       The banks levered up
And now we’re 10% unemployed


Toyota Corollover

February 2, 2010

Toyota start now
accelerate recall and
stop Corollover

Sweet & Sour Deficit

February 1, 2010

Growing China loans
Sweet pork spending fuels today
Sour debt comes our way

Goldman, Tax

February 1, 2010

Blankfein Goldman Sachs
One hundred million bonus?
Goldman Tax bemoan-us